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Ever looked in a mirror and not been super happy with what you saw staring back at you?

Maybe you just woke up and your hair is a tangled mess or it’s just one of those bad skin days we all get at certain times of the month.

Or, even worse than a regular mirror, what about unexpectedly catching a glimpse of yourself in one of those magnified mirrors where you can see every pore and wrinkle?

Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s just easier not to look in the mirror at all, right?

Well, since I’ve been married I’ve come to realize that marriage is one big figurative mirror (often a magnified one!) where we can all too easily see every sin and every flaw that we harbor in our hearts and minds reflected back to us by our spouses.

As a single person, it can be pretty easy to hide some of our faults from the outside world. It’s easy to feel like you can “get away” with things because no one else is around.

Then you get married and someone is there witnessing everything- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything you do is reflected back to you, making you able to more clearly see the impact of your actions.

Early in my marriage, I became aware of this mirror effect when suddenly my husband was around for all of my not-so-stellar moments.

He was there when I’d manage to trip on a flat, stable surface (this happens more often than I’d like to admit!). Or when I’d be looking for something that I already had in my hand (don’t you hate that?!).

He was there when I’d tell a lie or drop a curse word.

He saw my pettiness, my frustration, my selfishness, my sometimes unforgiving heart.

All of my sinful actions and attitudes were now affecting someone else. I had to not only see these things- live and in color- but I had to deal with them. Kind of annoying, right? 🙂

The reality, however difficult it may be for me to acknowledge, is that I was being held accountable for all these things and more, long before I married my awesome hubby. 

The Mirror of Marriage has helped me to see that God is the ultimate mirror, always there revealing our faults and sins and changing our distortions to make us more like Him. There is no “getting away” with things, as God knows and sees all.

And everything we do affects our relationship with God, just as the things we do affect our husbands.

I’ve grown so much as a result of the Mirror of Marriage (and have no doubt this will continue for the rest of my life!), imagine how much more we could grow if we start viewing all of our thoughts and actions in the mirror of God? How much more clearly would we see our sin?

If you don’t like what you see in these mirrors (which is often the case for me!), then start using the reflections to make changes!

I am thankful that God gave me my husband (and our daughter) to reflect back to me some things I’d maybe rather not see because it gives me opportunities to grow in Him.

It might not always be pretty at the moment, but rest assured that He makes all things beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11)!The Mirror Of Marriage: When The Reflection Is Not Very Pretty



    • Bree

      Thank you, Kristy! I’m so glad you took the time to visit!

  1. Anonymous

    Loved your comments, Bree. I thank our Lord for all the ways He teaches/ convicts us. I really
    am blessed by your sharing.

    • Bree

      Thank you! I’m also so glad for His conviction and refinement (not always at the moment but eventually 🙂 ). He is so faithful!