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I’ve always loved books. Growing up, if I wasn’t outside playing soccer, you could find me curled up on the couch with a book in my hand. My parents would frequently joke that they were going to go broke trying to get me new books!

Although I don’t play soccer anymore and my time on the couch is limited by my very active daughter, I still love books!

So it’s no surprise that after I got engaged, I wanted to read every book I could possibly get my hands on about Christian marriage and how to be a good wife for the man God has given me.

God has used each of the books on this list to minister to my heart, provide comfort in tough times, change me in more ways than I can count, and, most importantly of all, to bring me closer to God and closer to my husband.

Many of these books I have read over and over again as marriage is constantly bringing new challenges and new times of growth.

I share this list with you from my hearts of hearts, sincerely praying that you will find an amazing book that God will use to minister to you in your current season of marriage.

Whether you have a great marriage and just want to continue to grow in the Lord as a wife or if you’re in a difficult place in your marriage and need support, comfort, and leading from the Lord, I pray that God will use the books from this list to draw you nearer to Him and nearer to your husband.

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With all of that in mind, here is my list of the 10 best, life-and-marriage-changing books for Christian wives:10 Christian Books to Nurture Your Marriage in 2017

For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn

I’m not going to lie to you, this book is not for the faint of heart. The incredible author, Shaunti Feldhahn, surveyed hundreds of men to find out what they’re really thinking when it comes to their wives and marriages. It is absolutely eye-opening and, at times, difficult to read. There was one chapter in particular that rocked my world, but I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’ll let you check it out for yourself. If you really want to know what your husband is thinking and how this can change everything for you as a wife, check out For Women Only. As a bonus, Shaunti and her husband, Jeff, teamed up to write For Men Only so that husbands can get an inside look at the minds of their wives. My husband read it and definitely benefited from the insights provided by Shaunti and Jeff.

A Lifelong Love by Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas, the author of A Lifelong Love, is probably my favorite Christian author. His books reliably draw my husband and I nearer to God and to one another. In A Lifelong Love, Gary focuses on building a marriage, with God as the foundation, that not only withstands the test of time but inspires others to grow closer to God. God used this book to get my husband and I excited about how our love can glorify God, and how God can use our marriage as a ministry to others. If you’re looking for a way to build a deeper, more Christ-centered marriage with your husband, the type of marriage that can serve as a ministry to those around you, A Lifelong Love is for you!

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

Wild at Heart is not specifically a book about marriage but, rather, a book about understanding the heart of a man. God used this book to show me some of the deepest needs in the heart of my husband and gave me a much greater understanding of how to love him well. Wild at Heart is also an important book for moms of boys. If you want to better understand exactly what makes the men in your life tick, check out Wild at Heart. As a bonus, you can also pick up Captivating. In Captivating, John Eldredge and his wife, Stasi, reveal the deepest needs in a woman’s heart. This book helped my husband to understand me better and, I believe, will help us both to have a deeper understanding of our daughter’s needs as she gets older.

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

My husband and I read The 5 Love Languages as part of a study group through our church. Each week we’d get together with 5 other couples and talk about a chapter of The 5 Love Languages. It was amazing to see how God used the principles described by Gary Chapman to breathe life into marriages. You can speak love to your husband in many different ways but, if you’re not speaking his language, he’s not fully receiving that love. I’m definitely a “Quality Time” girl and my husband is a “Words of Affirmation” guy, so I have to understand that time together doesn’t fill him up the same way that compliments, approval, and words of love do. The 5 Love Languages is a great book for understanding specific ways to better love your husband.

Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman

Sheet Music was recommended to me by another Christian wife while I was still engaged to my husband-to-be. After we got married, I was so glad I’d read it! My husband and I actually went back and re-read some chapters together. In Sheet Music, Dr. Kevin Leman discusses physical intimacy in marriage in some very frank ways but this frankness is exactly what makes Sheet Music so helpful. It’s not explicit or inappropriate, but it also doesn’t glaze over this very important aspect of marriage like many Christian marriage books do. Dr. Leman includes two chapters that are “For Men Only” and “For Women Only” which present very valuable, balanced, and helpful information for both husbands and wives. If you’re at a place in your marriage where you need to grow in physical intimacy, Sheet Music would be a great choice for you!

Cherish by Gary Thomas

Cherish is another amazing Gary Thomas book. It was just released in January and is already a favorite of mine! In Cherish, Gary writes about the importance of cherishing your spouse and outlines specific ways to do this using Song of Songs as a beautiful reference. For my husband and I, as we’ve been adjusting to having our first child, God has used this book to reawaken some of that newlywed excitement in our marriage. Since reading Cherish, there has definitely been more romance and butterflies in this house! If you’re in a season of routine in your marriage, Cherish just may be the perfect book to bring back some romance for you!

The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian

I’ve mentioned The Power of a Praying Wife in several other blog posts because it’s just that good. It really is. When I first got married, I was more than a little overwhelmed with mingling my spiritual life with someone else’s and figuring out how to pray for this man whom God had given me. One of my best friends recommended The Power of a Praying Wife to me, and it revolutionized my prayer life. Stormie outlines 31 areas of a man’s life and gives exact scriptures and prayers for each area. It is so detailed and helpful that I have read it over and over again. It’s perfect for praying over one area of your husband’s life each day of the month or you can pray through multiple prayers throughout the day. If you’re struggling with prayer for your husband, The Power of a Praying Wife is for you! Also, for you husband, Stormie has written The Power of a Praying Husband. With these two books, you and your husband will be an incredible prayer team!

Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas

Sacred Influence is, not surprisingly, another Gary Thomas gem! I actually just read Sacred Influence a few months ago, and I am so glad I did! In Sacred Influence, Gary discusses how a wife can influence her marriage for positive, godly change. Gary is so encouraging and inspiring as he outlines how important wives are in the lives of their husbands and how much power we have to speak life into our men. God used this book to change how I support my husband, and I am definitely more secure in my position as a Christian wife after reading it. If you feel like you’re just treading water in your marriage, and you’re not sure how you can bring about godly changes, check out Sacred Influence!

A Wife After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George

A Wife After God’s Own Heart is another book I’ve mentioned frequently on this site because it has been so life-changing for me. The author, Elizabeth George, has been an amazing Titus 2 mentor to me through this book. In A Wife After God’s Own Heart, Elizabeth provides an incredibly practical guide for serving God as a wife, even when doing seemingly mundane chores like laundry. If you’re looking for meaning in the everyday tasks of being a wife and a mom, let God use Elizabeth to minister to you through A Wife After God’s Own Heart. Elizabeth has also written A Woman After God’s Own Heart and A Mom After God’s Own Heart. I’ve read both, and they are incredible too!

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

My absolute number one book for Christian wives (and for Christian husbands, too) is Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. If you only buy one marriage book on this list, it should be Sacred Marriage. My husband and I studied this book over the course of 12 weeks in our premarital counseling, and we can confidently say that God used this book to save our marriage before it even started. In Sacred Marriage, Gary changes the entire focus of marriage from happiness to holiness. This focus really is a game changer. It gives meaning to hard times. It brings added joy in good times. Where A Lifelong Love speaks to the ministry of marriage and Cherish speaks to the romance of marriage, Sacred Marriage speaks to the maturity of marriage. There are many seasons of sowing in marriage, and Sacred Marriage gives meaning and perspective to these seasons. If you are a Christian who is engaged or already married, Sacred Marriage is absolutely for you!



So I know that I said there would only be 10 books on the list, but I have one more to add that’s not a marriage book but still incredibly important to read on a regular basis for the well-being of you and your marriage: The Holy Bible. If you don’t already have a Bible that you love, I highly recommend the Lifestyle Application Study Bible. My mom gave me mine when I first became a Christian at 17 years old, and I still love it many years later!

10 Christian Books to Nurture Your Marriage in 2017
Please forgive my terrible photography skills 🙂 but here’s a picture of my copies of all of the books on this list, except for Cherish which I have as an E-book. These have all been well-used and well-loved! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

And that’s my list of amazing Christian books to nurture your marriage in 2017! I truly hope you’ve found a book (or 11!) from this list that will bring you closer to God and closer to your husband!

I’m sure I missed some great books so now it’s your turn! If you have a recommendation, I’d love it if you’d share in the comments below!10 Christian Books to Nurture Your Marriage in 2017



  1. Hi! Thanks for the booktips 😉
    I have read another amazing book on Christian marriage, how God intended marriage to bo. It’s “Each for the other” written by Bryan and Kathy Chapell. Must-read if you want to understand what God’s plan and intention is with marriage.

    • Bree

      Thank you so much for the recommendation! I just looked Each for the Other up on Amazon, and it looks so good! Adding it to my reading list 🙂

  2. I’ve read many of the books on your list, and I have to say that Shaunti’s is my favorite!! Thanks for sharing this list – I hope to read Cherish very soon!

    • Bree

      Yes! Shaunti’s book resulted in lots of great conversations between my husband and I. So good! Thank you for commenting, and I hope you enjoy Cherish as much as we did! 🙂

  3. Michelle

    Boundaries in marriage
    Im reading right now! Highly recommend.

    • Bree

      Yes! That’s a great one too! Thank you so much for recommending it!

  4. Good morning! I actually just bought The 5 Love Languages! I loved Gary’s book on The 5 Love Languages of Children, so I wanted to give this book a try. I love reading and I always get excited when I am ready to start a new book and find that someone else highly recommends it! One last question… is the Life Application Study Bible a Bible or is it more of a “study guide” for the Bible with areas for note taking or journaling?


    • Bree

      Hi Lisa! That’s awesome! I truly hope you enjoy it. I haven’t read the 5 Love Languages of Children, but it sounds like I need to check it out! I’m just like you, I get so excited about books, especially those recommended by others!

      The Life Application Study Bible is a Bible. It doesn’t have areas for note taking, so I just use a separate journal. It does have commentary and explanations at the bottom of each page that are great for further study.

      Thank you so much for reading! I love your blog by the way! 🙂

  5. Love & respect by Emerson Eggers check is one of the most amazing marriage books. It turned everything around for my husband and I. There is also a follow up book to walk you through living out the book. Love dare is also great!

  6. Thanks for 10 things to do instead of saying i will pray for you. Your point on studying the word is very important. The word is a two edged sword and gives both life and strength. Thanks so much.

  7. You have compiled a great list! I’ve read most of these, and they are wonderful! I’m a therapist and have used these books quite frequently in my work. I can’t recommend them enough. (Especially Sacred Marriage. ) I look forward to reading Cherish.

  8. We know a couple that have lived together and now plan to marry. Which books would be good for them?

  9. I’ve been looking for some books to add to my audible account and your post came at exactly the right time 🙂 Thank you for sharing this list!

  10. Thanks so much! Your posts is truly encouraging! I’m presently at a very difficult phase in marriage. Honestly thinking about divorce… through your posts, my faith is being further renewed. I’ll get the books and start reading. I do love to read too. Thanks again

  11. Jacquline Samuel

    You can be the wife of a happy husband by Darien B. Cooper, is another fantastic book to read! It’s pretty cool we’ve read some of the same books!

  12. Julie Anne

    Bree, just love your list!

    about book “For Women Only”…

    This book has opened my eyes to see my husband and understand him a lot better. I think every woman should hear or read this book because it would save them from a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings with their spouse. Everything is just beautifully said. It challenged me to be a better spouse.

    recommended too