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When I think of things that I savor, I’m filled with feelings of warmth, contentment, and peace:

A kiss from my husband

Snuggles from my daughter

A hot cup of coffee

A piece of dark chocolate

Watching a sunset

Going to bed early

Hearing my favorite song

A few minutes of free time

Time is a precious thing, right? We’re all so busy it seems like there’s just never enough time in a day. We rush from task to task, feeling like we accomplish little, always striving for more.

These moments, though, oh these moments when we really stop all the distractions to savor something that is simply lovely. And we are able to just savor them and forget about the world for a little while.

And the most precious time, the moments to savor above all others, are the moments we spend with our Lord studying His Word, talking to Him, and sitting at His feet.

God is always with us, and we can absolutely spend time with Him all day long. We don’t have to go to a specific place or do a specific thing to spend time in His presence.

That said, there is something special about intentional time spent with God. Time that we set aside for nothing else but to be in His presence, to read His word, and to learn from Him.

So how do we truly savor those moments? How do we get our minds and bodies to stop moving long enough to drink in all that God and His Word have to offer?

Here are 5 suggestions to help you truly savor your quiet time with God:

1. Ask God to focus your mind and heart fully on Him.

This means minimizing your distractions. I know how hard this can be with a busy family and busy life, but the fewer distractions you have, the easier it is to really savor your time with God. Put your phone on silent. Find a time when your home is the quietest. This may mean waking up early or going to bed late or putting some other chores on hold so that you can dedicate this time just to God. Don’t give priority to all the distractions that threaten to crowd God out of your day.

2. Take time to listen to God.

Ask for God’s help in listening to what He is teaching you as you study His word and pray. I know that I sometimes spend way too much time talking and not nearly enough time listening to God and His teachings. Make sure you’re taking time to listen as God whispers over and over how much He loves you and how precious you are to Him.Seek the truth of His precious Word.

3. Journal your prayers along with the Bible verses you’re studying each day.

Write down how God is communicating to you and what you’re learning about Him. This not only helps you to learn and remember what you’re studying but can also serve as a beautiful reminder of all God has done for you. For example, before I married my husband, I kept a prayer journal where I wrote down prayers for my future husband. I can now go back through that journal and see so many incredible examples of God answering those prayers.

4. Treat time with God as your most anticipated event.

When I know I’m going to get to go on a real date with my husband (like we-have-a-babysitter-and-get-to-leave-the-house real date), my hearts skips a beat. I go all out trying to prepare and look nice and enjoy every single moment of that evening. This is how I want to approach my time with God. The preparation is different, sure, but the heart attitude, the excitement, the effort, should all be there. Rather than just giving God our leftover time, we should look forward to time with Him to the extent that we’re actively arranging our days to not only ensure that this time happens but that we are fully focused on Him as we spend time with Him.

5. Don’t rush.

As busy wives and moms, this goes against the desire of our flesh to hurry through every task, to constantly strive for efficiency and speed. And it’s hard because there are so many potential interruptions around us. We can’t control everything and there will, at times, be interruptions, but actively work to slow down during this time. Ask God to help you to relax and rest in Him. Take time to breathe in the promises of God, let them sink deep into your heart so that you may not only believe them but live them out every single day.

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My beautiful sisters in Christ, this is your special time with God. Anticipate it, cherish it, take time to savor it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read today! I’d love it if you’d share in the comments how you savor your quiet time with God!


If you feel like you're always rushing through Bible study and prayer, try these 5 tips for learning to truly savor your quiet time with God!



  1. I came accrosed your post on a suggestion from pinterest and I took my interest immediately, I just about read everything you had there, I got absorved and love what you say or the way you put it. A blessing, while in the background I am listening to christian music. Thank you a lot of suggestion, my hubby is a christian, but has been gone from church many year, recently he started going with me again, I am praying that he will continue to go and open his heart to our sweet lord Jesus Christ once again, We have been married for 37 years, have three girls that in their adult life have struggle with their faith, I did my best to bring them to church with me until they were around 17 and 18, one still comes with me every once in awhile, but I continue to pray for them to find their way back. when I met my husband I was baptized mormon, I met him and started going with him, I decided to baptized this time for the right reason, has been faithful ever since, but have struggle sometimes, Even though my husband has been absent from church he has always been very supported of me going and doing the things the bible ask us to do. I’ll get my hands on some of the books you have suggested. Keep doing this wonderful job of writing.

    • Prayers for your family. Keep the faith and continue your walk with the Lord. Your example may bring your husband back.

    • j collier

      Marcia, You should read The Broken Way and also read 1000 Gifts. You can Google for the authors name. Both are great reads.

  2. Great post! What I do to savor my time with God is I study with an old fashion hard cover bible. I know many people like the bible app and it gives great devotinals and all but, I found myself more distracted than ever because I will get notifications from Facebook, twitter, email etc. and I will be hesistant to check them rather than study God’s Word. So I’ve learned that I put my phone down and open the bible to any page God directs me (after prayer) and study His Word there. I found it to be so much more rewarding and encouraging when God answers my prayers right away. Thanks for sharing! God bless.

  3. Beautiful thoughts that take me back to the simple and yet wise ways of how a truly Christian woman holds the destiny of her home in her hands.

  4. Thank you for all the positive Christian messages to set each of us on a right path. You are truly an inspiration. Bless you.

  5. One of the things I do to savour my time with God is just to let go of everything else. I try to clear my mind and be present. So often when I pray, they are just words. But I try to really put myself in the throne room of God and feel His presence when I pray.

  6. I love this post. I too get excited about spending time with our Heavenly Father. I delight in it. But you are so right about those distractions. My youngest two are two and 3 months and of course they demand a lot of attention. Sometimes as they sit next to me I just read or pray out loud. The baby is happy because she thinks I’m talking to her. And I’m happy because I feel like the Word is sinking down into their spirits. Thank you for this post, it’s always good to hear what works for other people and get new ideas. Spending time with our Lord is so important.

  7. Just i finished reading the entire bible..and i am in mixed emotions right now..i took the advantage of being single. .now im craving to know more about Him..i am so excited to my next journey with Him..

  8. mary roark

    I found this page and I am so grateful for you for this web sign.