My Story

Thank you so much for visiting us here at Faithfully Committed! My name is Bree, and I love Jesus, my family, coffee, chocolate, and good books. I’m a former mental health counselor turned stay-at-home wife and mom. I absolutely love writing, and I have a heart for pouring into the lives of women. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do both of those here at Faithfully Committed! When I’m not writing, you can probably find me spending time with my family, grabbing coffee with a friend, baking, or working out (which naturally follows the baking, of course!).

Here’s a little bit more about my story:

When I was a teenager, I was told by doctors that I probably would not be able to have children due to a condition called endometriosis. I was angry with the world. Even more so, I was angry with God for taking away something so precious. I lived in rebellion for several years before my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, drew me into Him and told me that I was to live differently. I was 17 years old when I fell in love with Jesus and began to allow Him to change my life.

The next 12 years were wonderful and difficult at the same time. I felt a strong desire to marry and have a family, but I didn’t feel like it was an option for me. I struggled with dating because, each time, I eventually had to disclose not only my rebellious life before my Salvation but also that it was possible I wouldn’t be able to have children. Not easy conversations to have.

I eventually just gave in to my singleness. I knew that God could do anything, but I believed that He wanted me to be single. So I decided that I would strive to serve Him each day as the best woman I could possibly be.

And then I fell in love for the second time.

My husband and I met through our local church group. As we got to know each other, and I slowly confessed all of my secrets to him, I was met with something I had only experienced from one other Man: Unconditional love and acceptance. My husband is, without a doubt, my miracle.

We married on Valentine’s Day 2015, and four months later I received my second miracle: We were pregnant with our first child!

My husband and our daughter are incredible blessings to me! They inspire me to want to be better each day. As I never thought this would happen for me, each day that I wake up with my family is a day to celebrate and be joyful.

My Family:

My husband is a computer genius! He is the creator of the awesome Faithfully Committed website. Honestly, this blog never would have happened if it weren’t for him encouraging and supporting me (and putting up with my endless requests and indecisiveness)! He is gorgeous, smart, funny, athletic, strong.. well you get the idea! I definitely hit the jackpot with this one, and I am so thankful for him!

Our daughter is fierce, smart, beautiful, and adorably strong-willed! She brings us so much joy every day. And every night when I see her sweet face as she sleeps in her crib, my heart feels like it’s about to explode with love and happiness. We are so blessed by this little one!

Thank you so much for visiting our blog today! I hope you will join me in this pursuit of fierce love, bold faith, and a beautiful life in Christ!

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