A Complete Guide for Reducing Your Grocery Bill {By Half}

Groceries and household items can get really expensive, especially as your family grows from two to three or more! I was shocked one month when I added up all of my grocery bills and found that I was spending around $800 a month! So I enlisted the help of my money-savvy hubby and together we began to work on a new budget and try figure out some ways to save money at the store. We decided that we wanted to spend no more than $100 per week when grocery shopping or around $400 per month. For us, grocery shopping includes not just food but also household items such as toilet paper, cleaning products, and self-care items like shampoo and deodorant, etc. Basically we wanted to include everything we’d typically buy at the grocery store in this budget. After implementing all of these changes, we were able to reduce our grocery bill by 50%…