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1 Easy Way to Brighten Your Husband’s Day: Learn His Likes and Dislikes

Ever light a lovely new candle that smells so good to you only to have your hubby ask what smells so bad? Ever make one of your favorite dinners only to realize that your husband isn’t quite so crazy about it? Both of those things have definitely happened in our home more than once! It’s interesting, to say the least, when you get married and find that your husband likes some things that you don’t and that he dislikes some of your favorite things. Our tendency is to prioritize what we enjoy the most. One of the easiest ways to serve our husbands, however, is to do the opposite: Learn their likes and dislikes and make an effort to do the things that they enjoy. In her book, A Wife After God’s Own Heart, author Elizabeth George tells a story about a woman who was cleaning out her recipes and getting…