16 Bible Verses For Wives And Moms Who Are Fighting For Their Families

As a Christian wife and mom, it seems like there’s always room for improvement, doesn’t it? We read about ways to improve our marriages, our homes, our families, and ourselves. We add some things here and take away some things there, trying to find that perfect balance in the many areas that need our daily attention: Faith, marriage, children, homemaking, ministry, health, work, friends, and so on. We strive, we fight, we work, always seeking to do our absolute best each day. We hear messages geared toward Christian women that are meant to be helpful but sometimes sound- to our ears- like we’re just not trying hard enough and we’re just not doing enough, because if we tried hard enough and did enough, our families would be thriving. Most of the time we welcome the helpful words but, sometimes, the amount of advice and tips and checklists can feel overwhelming.…

Dear Fellow Mom: You Are Not a Failure

Before I had my daughter, I had so many ideas of what kind of mom I would be.

I was going to have a natural, drug-free birth. I was going to breastfeed for at least six months. We wouldn’t introduce solids until six months to maximize the amount of breast milk she was getting. I was going to lose all the baby weight in the first few months, without much effort. I mean, everyone says that if you’re breast feeding, the weight just magically falls off, right? I wasn’t going to have any problems with the baby blues because I would just be so ecstatically happy all of the time. I was so sure I would be able to comfort my child. She would be a good sleeper and a great eater. Failure wasn’t even an option I considered.

I simply knew that I was designed by God to be a mother. So it would all come naturally. What could possibly go wrong?