The Scandalous Grace of Jesus: My Story

I was sitting in my car at an intersection, the turn signal set for left, towards home. It was dark and there were no other cars around.

I was crying. Not just a few tears here and there, but really crying.

I was so incredibly lost and broken.

How did I get to this place? So lost in my own sin.

I wanted to change, but I believed it was too late for me. I felt like my downward spiral was out of my control.

The Mirror Of Marriage: When The Reflection Is Not Very Pretty

Ever looked in a mirror and not been super happy with what you saw staring back at you?

Maybe you just woke up and your hair is a tangled mess or it’s just one of those bad skin days we all get at certain times of the month.

Or, even worse than a regular mirror, what about unexpectedly catching a glimpse of yourself in one of those magnified mirrors where you can see every pore and wrinkle?

Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s just easier not to look in the mirror at all, right?

Well, since I’ve been married I’ve come to realize that marriage is one big figurative mirror (often a magnified one!) where we can all too easily see every sin and every flaw that we harbor in our hearts and minds reflected back to us by our spouses.