teaching children about God


8 Simple Ways to Share God’s Love with Your Little Ones All Day Long

While I was pregnant with my daughter, I found it so easy to share with her about God. I would read my Bible to her and pray all during the day. I listened to worship music and sang to her (not exactly my strong point, but I did it anyway!). She was never more active than when we were at church! She’d “dance” inside of me while the worship music played. It seemed like she loved Jesus before she was even born! I thought that teaching her about God and His love for her would be the easiest thing in the world. But, after I had her, things got harder. In the midst of sleep deprivation and transition, I forgot to tell her about God. I wasn’t reading my Bible regularly. I wasn’t listening to worship music. I wasn’t talking to her about God. My husband, thankfully, is a wonderful…